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Here are some useful online products.
Meta Tag Generator - Allows you to easily type in the information in the top part of any web site to make sure that you have the maximum exposure, the correct advertising information, and the best placements in the Search Engines. It is estimated that less than 1% of the web sites properly use the standard accepted Meta Tags for their web site properly. CHECK IT OUT!
Browser Safe Colors - Not all colors will translate equally on all browsers. This little tool will help you select a color that you can use as a BACKGROUND, or text with confidence that it should look the same on all monitors and provide the most consistant look on each of them. Just because you can view millions of colors on your monitor, the web can not handle that many colors, so it selects the cloest color for you! CHECK IT OUT!
Color Utility - This little tool is great for finding a color and converting it to RGB or to HEX code.It is simple to use and fun! CHECK IT OUT!
Background Color Selector - This quick little tool is one of the slickest tools available to select the color you want for your BACKGROUND on your web site. It offers 216 different colors with immediate sampling of each color! CHECK IT OUT!
Domain Name Checker - We have set up a program that will allow you to easily check to see it the domain name you are looking for is taken or not. This is important when doing that first big step... selecting the address (URL) for your site. This section has a lot of great information about what is a DOMAIN NAME, WHO OWNS THE NAME, HOW LONG CAN IT BE, and many more answers. CHECK IT OUT!
Search Engine Position Checker - This little handy tool will let you know IF your site domain name is even registered with the top 12 search engines. If not, it's time to let the seach engine know this and let them add your URL to their site! CHECK IT OUT!
DEFINITION of WEB or Computer or INTERNET related term.

Enter a search term and press Go!
Bandwidth Checker - This handy tool will help you see how fast your modem really is going. It downloads a page and it gives you the results so you can see if in fact you are receiving your email and Internet downloads as fast as you think you are. Try it! It's easy! It re-loads itself, so you can see exactly how fast you are getting. You don't need to do aything, except click on the blue text on the right... CHECK IT OUT!

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